Get Walking 3: Mental Wellbeing

25/02/2020 Posted by Linda Sankey | Comments(0)

 In the third of a new series of blog posts to help you make the choice to walk more often for health, wellbeing or to get fit, through sharing tips and tricks and providing the motivation and support to do so. 

Up to date guidance on Covid 19 is available here. Please be responsible and follow social distancing guidelines.


For a happy head:

It is known that regular activity such as walking can boost our mental health and wellbeing. Anxiety and depression can leave feelings of stress and despair. We know that even small amounts of activity including walking can help alleviate these feelings. Being active helps your mood, helps relieve stress and helps us cope with the demands of life.




Walking in green & blue spaces has added value for our mental wellbeing. Walking, no matter where it is done is better than not doing it. However, new evidence solidifies our knowledge that walking in “green or blue” outdoor spaces including forests, beaches or parks, results in greater wellbeing benefits associated with walking than walking indoors or in urban spaces.


These additional benefits include:

Reduced stress

Improved wellbeing

Improved mood

Improved attention

Improved positive emotions

Reduced negative emotions &

Increased self-esteem

Read the rest of the Getting Walking series - Finding Walks, looking at Physical Wellbeing, Being Active during Covid19.  Do you need specific Gear? Look at Warm Up & Posture and Are you doing enough?How to deal withExcusesand setting some very important Goals! Read some Top Tips and think about Setting up a Walking Group and useful sample Walking Programmes you can use.

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