Sport Ireland Research Shows Ireland Stays Active During Covid19 Restrictions

01/05/2020 Posted by Linda Sankey | Comments(0)

Sport Ireland published research conducted by Ipsos MRBI, reveals that Irish adults have adapted remarkably well in keeping up their sport and recreational walking habits during this difficult period.

More adults are now active than previously despite the restrictions and the increase in recreational walking, in particular, has been profound.

The survey was undertaken in three waves: 28 February-9 March, 16-31 March; and 1-13 April. The “Delay” phase of Ireland’s response to Covid-19 commenced on 12 March (school closures, limited outdoor gatherings, work from home if possible, etc) while the “Stay at Home” enhanced restrictions phase commenced on 27 March. 1,009 respondents took part in Waves 1 and 3, and 1,003 took part in Wave 2.

Family Walking

By Wave 3, 78% of Irish adults were reporting that they were walking for recreation at least once per week. This is roughly equivalent to an additional 500,000 regular recreational walkers compared to the numbers of reported walkers during March and April of 2019.

Those who are active are more likely to report significantly better physical health than the inactive, evidencing the important role sport and physical activity plays in the promotion of the health of the nation. You can read the full report here.

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