National Walking Day 2020 | #WalkYourArea

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NWD 2020 Walk Your Area

We're encouraging everyone in Ireland to walk on National Walking Day taking place on 27th September as part of European Week of Sport. Take your family and take your dog! And maybe some suitable wet weather clothes. Try to leave the tech behind. Stay local and #WalkYourArea and #WalkYourTown!

Getting out walking doesn’t need to be overly complicated. Think green and blue and check out a waterway or a blueway. Take a walk on one of the 4 existing blueways. Blueways are stunning trails running on and alongside lakes, canals and rivers.

Choose what works for you and your family. Don’t forget there are 6 National Parks in Ireland. Check your local parks, there are hidden gems that you may not be aware of like St. Catherine’s Park on the Dublin/Kildare border that you can walk along a glacial ridge and play spot the highland cattle. Yes, you did read that correctly! The 15 cattle were introduced to improve the biodiversity of the area. 

Or take a woodland walk check out Coillte.  There are 12 forest parks and 260 recreational sites across the country with car parking and picnic areas. 

And beaches are fun places to walk with kids and dogs. It’s impossible not to run up and down a sand dune and not enjoy it!

Why not try a Walking Trail! The trails are handily marked as easy, moderate and strenuous. Pick a trail that suits your fitness and ability. Check the trail grading to decide this. If planning to go with a group, choose a trail suits the least experienced member of the group.

Ultimately it is worth remembering that urban environments are filled with stimulation and natural environment are more restorative!

Find out more about our National Walking Day here!

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