National Walking Day 2020 | #Hillwalking

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Top Tips for Hillwalking

We know that there has been a massive increase in people walking and hillwalking during Covid-19. If you have started hillwalking or or thinking of starting we've got some tips to help!

You can wear comfortable clothes - leggings, tracksuit bottoms, breathable t-shirt and fleece. Do invest in sturdy walking shoes or hillwalking boots with woolly or synthetic socks.

Start by following a short, marked trail and build up to longer routes!

NWD 2020 Hillwalking 1


Make sure to check the weather forecast on Met Eireann or Yr No.

Bring extra clothing, food and water and be flexible about turning back if the weather deteriorates.

When parking take care not to block access for farmers, local residents or the Emergency Services.

Only take dogs when they are permitted

Take home all your rubbish -  there’s no litter collection service in the outdoors. Rubbish is harmful to wildfire and it takes from the ebauty of the landscape.

Please be considerate towards those who own the land and others who live in the area.

Enjoy the outdoors safely and responsibly.

Why not go hillwalking on National Walking Day 2020 - 27th Sept? 

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