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Now that you have your walking group, don't forget to register with Get Ireland Walking. We can help new members to find you,  as well as offering support and practical advice. Register today.

When you register with us, you and all your group members are joining a growing national movement of people who are proud to walk - for fun, for health and for yourself.

Registering with Get Ireland Walking is free and registered groups also get the following services.

  • Insurance cover for the Volunteer Walk Leaders and Group Coordinators - see our Quick Guide to Insurance for more details.
  • A listing for your group on our national database of walking groups - see Support Near You for more details.
  • Downloadable useful Walking Group documents, including our new Walk Leader Toolkit, copies of forms that will make it easier to organise group walks, helpful quick guides - and some other goodies!
  • An opportunity to share experiences and ideas to inspire others to get walking, and to start their own groups. We always love to see and share your stories, photographs and videos - keep an eye on our Facebook page, Twitter or Instagram for these.

Get Ireland Walking is here to support people and communities to get walking: We want to provide the opportunity for everybody to walk - to feel good, to get healthy, and to have fun.

*New in 2023*!

We've partnered with the fitness tool Trainpack to help you to arrange your walks and to give your group an online home. Currently your registration details are sent through to Trainpack manually via an email and there is no technology between the website & app.

Please note any changes that you make on the Trainpack app will not be reflected on this website.

Note any fields with an * beside them will be publicly available on the Get Ireland Walking website

Please fill out the following form: Once the registration is approved (which can take a couple of weeks so please don't register with another email address!) your club details will be on the 

Support Near You page

For more details on our insurance, click here.
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Get Ireland Walking recognises that walking is an activity with a potential risk of personal injury. Participants should be aware of and accept these risks and be responsible for their own actions and involvement.